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We Can Build Your Dashboard

we’ll take care of building and maintaining your dashboards so you can focus on what matters most—running your company!

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What we do

Our teams work on BI projects big and small, using a wide variety of data from enterprise databases to social media marketing. We like building dashboards that answer specific questions, and strive to make each one informative, actionable, and useful. We build better dashboards.

Proven Dashboard Building Process

Deep Data Visualization Experience

BI Platform Agnostic

Strong Security & Privacy

Our Process

Identifying User Need

What questions are you trying to answer with your dashboard?​ What data do you use on a daily basis? What analysis would you like to see but do not have time to create?

Evaluating Data Availability

Do you have access to the data? Is there a pre-built connector for it? How much processing and cleaning does this data need or is it usable in its existing form? 

Dashboard Design

We work together to design the dashboard experience to focus on actionable data & answers. This is both defining the metrics that are going to be shown and the way they are going to be presented.

Build, Test & Train

We build your dashboard(s) based on the metrics and visualizations that were defined. We take particular care in testing the data and analyses presented to users. This along with training is key to user adoption.